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 Kishwaukee Valley Regulators News

Good news!!! Our June match will be held, weather permitting. For the health of our participants, we will be setting safety practices in place to follow recommended government guidelines. Please read them before you come.
Safety precautions/procedures guidelines to address Government Covid19 and Aurora Sportsman’s Club recommendations.
Aurora Sportsman’s Club waiver for non-members and COVID-19 waiver for all must be signed at registration table.
1. Social distancing will be enforced - 6ft apart -no handshakes - no hugs..
2. At sign in, multiple pens will be placed in a container. After someone uses one they lay it on the counter, at which point it will be disinfected with a disinfectant wipe before returning it to the container.
3. Money/fees will be taken and handled by only one person. Please be patient as this may take extra time.
4. An announcement will be made before the match asking that if anyone is not feeling well or believes they were possibly exposed that they should not participate. If you are sick or feel you have been exposed, please do not come. There will be other matches.
5. Please bring your own hand sanitizer. We will try to have some available, but it is in limited supplies right now. If available, it will be placed at the Registration Table, Port a potties, and at each unloading table. If we can’t get enough then instead of each unloading table, each posse gets one and it travels to the unloading table with them.
6. Firearms are to be handled only by the shooter.
7. Only two Timer Officers per posse, each with his own timer, not to be handed off, and to be disinfected after the match and they are required to wear face masks.
8. Only two score keepers per posse, (one if we can find someone who is not shooting and willing to volunteer) each with their own pen.
9. Only two people at the loading table at opposite ends. Only one person at the unloading table other than the unloading officer. The unloading officer needs to watch from a distance. Timing officer needs to be observant to make sure the unloading table doesn’t become backed up by pacing the shooters. Also pacing must be done if there are multiple posses to make sure that the unloading table isn’t being shared as a loading table also.             
10. Brassers should not pick up brass with their hands, unless wearing gloves, but only use pickup devices. Participants need to understand they may not get all their brass back.
11.  No spotting kerchiefs will be used. It is the TO’s responsibility to make sure they have three spotters and know who they are.
12. Knockdown targets to be reset by one or two of the same people.
13. It is best to bring your own water or beverages.
14. Posses may be limited in size.
15. It is requested that all participants wear face masks when unable to follow social distancing guidelines and when the masks can be worn safely, bearing in mind that we are handling and firing deadly weapons.

****Participants must understand that due to all the precautions, the pace of the match will be slowed down and could take longer. ***



Annual Cabin Fever Dinner Party

Sorrento's Ranch

Once again the Regulators held their annual

Cabin Fever Banquet at Sorrento's Ranch.

     As usual the food was great, the games were fun

and the company couldn’t be beat!



            Watch here for the Feb. 2017 dinner details.

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A very special

Thank you

To Bill Ruck and the

Rock River Regulators

Beloit, WI. 

Here’s a group of cowboys keeping the spirit of the “cowboy way” alive and well.  They have helped and supported our KVR group get our shooting season underway.
For those of you who have never visited their club for a cowboy shoot, they have 12 stages, animated targets, well built facades and in general, an old west ‘town’ to shoot in.  They shoot the first and third Saturday each month and Bill will even cook your lunch!

We’re shootin’ in 2024 at the
Aurora Sportsmen’s Club
7641 Rueff Road    Waterman, IL
GPS:  41.750,   -88.796

Join us Sunday, August 4th for another shoot with the Kishwaukee Valley Regulators.  Watch your email for details.  Lots of room for parkin’, shootin’ and cowboyin’.

We now call the Aurora Sportsmen’s Club ‘home’.  We had a great
turnout for the 2023 shooting season and look forward to seeing you all for the 2024 season.  Y’all come!
Saturday gate code -21723#
Sunday gate code - 21724#

Please plan to join us Sunday, August 4th!

  July scenarios:

Stage 1     Stage 2     Stage 3     Stage 4